Hmong Woman Epically Singing Off-Tune Karaoke But DGAF is an Inspiration to Us All

Hmong Woman Epically Singing Off-Tune Karaoke But DGAF is an Inspiration to Us All

January 4, 2018
The performance of a karaoke competition finalist who sang off-tune but with heart has gone viral on social media.
Christina Xiong took the stage at the Hmong New Year’s celebration in Fresno, California, during the weekend.
With her stunning looks and lively presence, the audience was ready for a spectacle.
It’s all high hopes and expectations…
…until her first line dropped.
She’s singing in Hmong. But even if you can’t understand the language, you can tell right off the bat that something wrong was going on.
It’s a dose of cringe for a good five minutes, but Xiong didn’t care and that’s exactly why the audience cheered her on!
A video of her performance that made it on Facebook has garnered at least 116,000 views, raking hundreds of likes, shares and comments.
Netizens wrote:
“Somebody turn off the mic.”
“Is this a prank? Or is she for real?”
“Mad props and I’m all in it for her confidence and all that, but 50 million friends and ain’t one friend to tell her that she can’t sing? Jesus Lawd! Lol”
“At least she had the confidence to sing in front of all these people though her voice wasn’t that great. Her energy was amazing though. Props to her!”
“No one knows who the winner is but everyone knows about this girl. Lmao she did something right.”
Xiong is well aware that others are displeased with her singing, and for them, she jams to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”
Photo: Screenshot via Chia Xiong/YouTube
Watch Xiong’s whole performance below. Her response to haters follows!
Photos: Screenshots via HeuFamilyEnt LamSaib/YouTube
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