Hong Kong Actress Goes Shopping with a Stocking Over Her Head After Losing Bet

Kara Wai

It is totally unheard of for an actress or actor to make good on a public bet, especially if that actress is as legendary as Hong Kong star Kara Wai.

Wai, who starred in the police drama show “The Defected,” made a bet with her fans and promised to pull a stunt if the series’ finale on TVB broke 33 ratings points in viewership. Little did she know, the show’s finale was more than a success, and the 59-year-old actress really did deliver on her promise.

On May 21, Wai came out of a train station in Hong Kong to fulfill the public stunt. She took out a stocking and proceeded to put it over her head.

The public was shocked when they watched the actress enter a bakery, and the staff initially thought that it was a robbery, according to AsiaOne.

During the public stunt, which was live-streamed and posted on her Weibo account, Wai said that she was “very excited” to do it and was having an “adrenaline rush.”

Despite the disguise stocking over her head, fans still knew it was Wai under the garment and followed her inside the establishment while she was live-streaming.

Images screenshot via Weibo / Kara Wai

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