These Identical Twins Are Going to Make $8,000 Selling Art Made With Their Butts

The Kaplan Twins are back at it again, only this time they’re selling butt art for $1,000 a piece.
The young artists attracted attention back in April for their Boy Toys project where they slept with children’s superhero figures and sold each for $333.
Now, The 22-year-old identical twin artists, who are based in Los Angeles, are collaborating with “The Most Famous Artist,” Matty Mo, to sell art once again.
Their current project, “Sat on your Face,” is a follow up from Boy Toys. The twins plan on selling eight unique paintings of eight famous artists’ faces that are imprinted with their derrière.
Instead of using a brush, the twins use their behinds to paint color on the faces of  artists. According to Mo, the use of the human body is a kind of advanced finger painting.
“Sat on your Face” was inspired by Andy Warhol’s affinity to create a set of multiple portraits with slight variations. The cost basis of each of the “Sat on your Face” works is around $100, but they will be sold for $1,000 each. After taxes and shipping, the total comes out to around $1,200 depending on the destination.
The sale will be launched tomorrow, but nearly half of the works of art are already reserved. Mo says that the Kaplan twins plan on selling one a day — making $8,000 on their butt art.
Allie and Lexie Kaplan, 22, received their bachelor’s degrees from New York University.
Though their work has been criticized as overly sexualized, Mo admits that sex sells. He said of their Boy Toys project:
“If you sexualize an object even as simple as a children’s toy enough, all of sudden it becomes desirable […]  While the Kaplan twins have been scrutinized for oversexualizing themselves, maybe it’s playing the game of oversexualizing themselves that will help them be successful. In doing so they can also make fun of their roles and maybe satirize the types of buyers who will play into that gender role.”
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