Kim Kardashian Catches Kanye West Sleeping, Reddit Delivers Photoshopped Awesomeness

Kanye West has been on blast in the media spotlight recently so it is unsurprising that a picture post of West snoozing ended up making the rounds on photoshop.

His wife, Kim Kardashian-West, was the culprit of the snapshot that showed West snoozing after a long day of baby shopping with John Legend, Chrissy Teigen. While watching their daughter, North, get some shut eye, West decided to take a little nap of his own. The picture was shared to Kim’s 61 million followers on Monday.

Here are a few treasures from Reddit’s Photoshop Battle thread:

Because remember, Kanye West is $53 million past broke.

Even Mashable got in on the fun:

Kanye’s still sleeping in the Old West:

The Kanye, by IKEA:

Kanye and Keanu, down on their luck.

Kanye is the new sleeping startup intern.

Mark Zuckerberg pointing to the guy that begged him for $1 billion.

Now the sleeping startup intern in the new Kanye.

And lastly, Kanye fishing for that $53 million he lost…

h/t: Mashable
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