Stunning Japanese Bar is Made Entirely Out of Recycled Trash

A pub in Kamikatsu, Japan, which is built entirely from recycled garbage, has recently won the 2016 WAN Sustainable Buildings Award for its ingenious, eco-friendly design.
The award-winning sundries shop and pub called the Kamikatz Public House was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP. It houses living spaces, a bar, and even a brewery.
Built in accordance to the town’s vision to reuse and recycle 100% of its waste in the next few years, the impressive structure is a testament to the town’s commitment to zero waste, according to Inhabitat.
So far, Kamikatsu has achieved around an already impressive 80% recycling rate, with residents sorting their waste into 34 categories.
The eco-friendly structure itself has implemented the zero waste mission cleverly in its overall design, using bottles for the chandelier and newspapers for wallpaper.
From the window wall made from an assortment of reused windows scavenged from abandoned houses to the reclaimed floor tiles, the builders have found clever ways of incorporating refuse to make the building look stunning.
“It’s trying to illustrate architecturally a very strong idea which is to do with zero waste,” award juror and Managing Director at EPR Architects Chris Castle was quoted as saying.
“There’s a very strong community engagement here, there’s been other buildings for the community, but this is being fed into by the community. There’s also a fantastic integration of the community, with genuine community involvement in the fundamentals of the design which is just great,” he concluded.
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