This New Zealand Paradise is Offering Plots of Land and Homes For $165K

This New Zealand Paradise is Offering Plots of Land and Homes For $165K
Ryan General
July 2, 2016
The quiet, peaceful town of Kaitangata in New Zealand, which has an abundance of job offerings and affordable housing, has sought for interested people to move there by launching a recruitment campaign.
Just a few days after the recruitment drive, the town’s Mayoral office has become swamped with an overwhelming response from people from all over the world who are all dying to get in and take advantage of what the tiny town has to offer.
The southern town of Kaitangata, which is situated on an island with a stunning coastline, is popular for its lush, green landscapes. With a population of only 800 people, there is certainly room for those who have been dreaming of rural living, reports The Guardian.
Running the local economy are industries mostly related to dairy processing and freezing works. There are currently around 1,000 job vacancies and affordable housing available  for the new residents to fill in.
Kaitangata Mayor Bryan Cadogan is hoping to fill those vacancies soon. “When I was unemployed and had a family to feed, the Clutha gave me a chance, and now we want to offer that opportunity to other Kiwi families who might be struggling.”
“We have got youth unemployment down to two,” Cadogan jokingly said. “Not 2 percent —just two unemployed young people.”
Cadogan and the town’s local groups have launched a recruitment campaign to invite interested applicants with affordable housing and land packages that costs only NZ$230,000, or almost $165,000 U.S..
Local residents describe the town as warm and community-oriented.
“This is an old-fashioned community, we don’t lock our houses, we let kids run free,” local dairy farmer Evan Dick told The Guardian. “We have jobs, we have houses, but we don’t have people. We want to make this town vibrant again, we are waiting with open arms.”
If any of the information above sound inviting to you, it is best to reach out to Clutha District Council immediately as they have been receiving thousands of inquiries since their campaign.
According to New Zealand Herald, the mayor of Kaitangata has so far received more than 5,000 messages from people around the world eager to live in the tiny town.
“It’s gone nuts,” Dick said. “A mother and her two children just flew in. I took them to their section and the look on her face was magical. ‘Is this all ours?’ I can already see positivity and vibrancy flowing through the town.”
Interested parties are encouraged to check out the country’s immigration rules here for work and living eligibility in the country.
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