First British K-Pop Girl Group KAACHI Debuts

First British K-Pop Girl Group KAACHI Debuts
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
May 1, 2020
A new K-pop group from the United Kingdom made their debut and is breaking away from the usual girl group model by including different nationalities.
KAACHI, which just released its debut single “Your Turn,” is made up of Korean, Spanish and British artists, according to Essex Magazine.
The group’s name originates from the Korean word for “Togetherness, Value, and Unity.”
The group fuses other types of genres into their song including European pop, K-pop and hip-hop.
KAACHI’s new take on the genre is specifically targeted towards the European and American markets.
“Your Turn” tells the story of a girl who is struggling with her ex-boyfriend. The music video also depicts her emotional hardships dealing with love and breakups.
KAACHI is signed with a British K-pop label FrontRow Records and directed by Korean media executive and CEO, Monica Sound.
“I am so happy to showcase KAACHI to help promote the K-pop genre to new audiences while adding a British twist to the genre,” Sound said. “Through KAACHI, I hope they can create a wave of change in the perception that K-pop is no longer a Korean music genre, but a global one.”
“In addition, according to the success of the K-pop group, which already has members of various nationalities and the rapidly growing audience of K-pop, which is becoming more and more globalized, my record label and I hope that we can be at the forefront of finding and developing artistic talent in Europe to help bring K-pop to new audiences.”
The group also boasts a lineup of superstar producers such as Daniel Leary and Jungleboi, who made hit songs for One Direction and K-pop group SHINee. Jamie Snell, who mixed the Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK collaboration, is also involved.
Nicole, the group’s leader, hopes people throughout Europe will feel inspired to follow and create their own K-pop dream.
“I have always loved Korean culture and listened to K-pop and danced from a young age and now I am very happy to participate as a creator of a new type of K-pop,” she said.
KAACHI, which consists of members Coco and Chunseo as the group’s lead dancers, Dani as the rapper, and their leader and lead vocals Nicole, were put together during a talent scout at the U.K. K-pop Dance Competition in London in October 2019.
They received training at Korea’s renowned dance studio, 1 Million Dance Studio, and are set to appear in their own TV series later this year.
Feature Image Screenshot via KAACHI
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