K-Pop Treasure BTS Wonders Why So Many People Love Them

K-Pop Treasure BTS Wonders Why So Many People Love ThemK-Pop Treasure BTS Wonders Why So Many People Love Them
Kyle Encina
September 22, 2017
K-pop group BTS has become South Korea’s top boy band and achieved international stardom, a status that they admitted got them “thinking”.
Given the group’s wide fan base, the BTS members have “seriously wondered” how they became so highly-revered by their fans, according to Allkpop.
“Why do they like us, What are our charms?” the BTS members asked themselves upon contemplating their popularity.
In an interview with South Korean radio show Cultwo Show, BTS member Suga revealed what he believes is the recipe for their success.
“I think the fact that we didn’t go on many variety shows, focusing our promotions on concerts along with performances and they were perceived positively,” Suga explained.
It’s no secret that the popular K-pop group’s passion for their music translates into record-breaking performances. Their album “Love Yourself:Her” was so popular that it was ranked No. 1 in over 70 countries, including places like Norway, Belize, and Laos.
The boy band’s following is so big that they even topped other popular artists such as Justin Bieber and Harry Styles in winning the Favorite International Artist spot at the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico.
BTS even held a spot at the 2018 Guiness World Records for Most Twitter Engagements. Another aspect of the group’s success is their extremely supportive fan base collectively known as ARMY.
When BTS was accussed of cheating their way to the top of the Billboard Music Awards back in May, the ARMY adamantly defended them, which led to the end of the controversy. Fans of the “Bangtan Boys” are so loyal that they even got infuriated when the group wasn’t given proper recognition at the Teen Choice Awards in August.
It’s no wonder the success of BTS is on a phenomenal level given how extremely supportive their fan base is. With an ARMY of fans behind them, it’s safe to say that BTS is taking the world by storm.
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