K-Pop Star Sparks Outrage for Ignorant Comments to Sam Okyere About His Home Country Ghana

K-Pop Star Sparks Outrage for Ignorant Comments to Sam Okyere About His Home Country Ghana
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
October 24, 2017
Japanese-Korean singer Yasuo Namekawa, better known by his stage name in South Korea as Kangnam, is now under fire for his highly insensitive comments about the Republic of Ghana
In an episode of “My Ugly Duckling” which aired on Oct. 22 at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), singer Tony An and Kangnam visited Ghanaian TV personality Sam Okyere’s house, according to AllKpop.
The trio then began to talk about the latter’s home country, the Republic of Ghana, to which Okyere said, My schedule is fully booked when I go to Ghana. I have a lot of interviews.”
Surprised by what he heard, Kangnam asked Okyere if there were televisions in Ghana. Okyere became upset after hearing Kangnam’s question.
Of course there are TVs! You’re making a mistake, Tony An jumped in to make things less awkward.
However, instead of backing down with his highly insensitive questions, Kangnam pressed on, They have broadcast stations like SBS, MBC..? ‘(Shows like) ‘Laws of the Jungle’?
Of course, they even play Korean dramas nowadays,” Okyere answered.
At this point, it’s hard to know whether Kangnam is just mocking Sam’s home country or really clueless about Ghana. He continued to ask if they have subways in the country.
No, but there are buses and airplanes, and also lions. But I’m also a city man. I need to go to the zoo if I want to see lions. The city in Ghana is similar to Seoul,” Okyere replied.
Kangnam persisted and continued to ask more questions, Oh, so there are buildings? Are there also clubs?
Luckily Tony An jumped in again to cut the intense, uncomfortable atmosphere, yelling, Of course, they must have them.”
Many people were not pleased by Kangnam’s questions.
He talks as if the whole continent of Africa is uncivilized or something, what a rude t***, one of the YouTube users wrote in the comment section.
He is either ignorant or rude; which is really very [bad] and embarrassing for an idol, another one wrote.
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