K-Pop Singer Investigated After Boyfriend’s Friend Offered Her Marijuana

K-Pop Singer Investigated After Boyfriend’s Friend Offered Her Marijuana
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June 6, 2017
K-Pop Singer Son Ga-in is now the subject of investigation after she claimed that a friend of her actor boyfriend, Joo Ji-hoon, suggested she smoke marijuana, which is very illegal for recreational use in South Korea, for her depression and insomnia.
Joo’s friend offered me marijuana. I was almost convinced to take it because I am mentally unstable,” said the member of K-pop girl band Brown Eyed Girls, according to The Korea Times, adding that she is now taking medical morphine for her condition.
An Instagram photo posted on Sunday captured text messages between Son and Joo’s friend, identified only as Park, who was criticized by the singer for telling her that the banned drug would make her “feel better”.
I almost accepted it, because my mind wasn’t in a good place at that time. But I have been keeping my nose clean, which is the reason why I will never go near marijuana until it becomes legal,” she wrote, The Korea Herald translated.
Son added:
I’m already being treated with legal morphine to cure my disease. If you want to smoke, you should either just do it and go behind bars, or get really sick like me and get some drugs. This is my last warning, and if you do it again, I will destroy you.
I will from now on voluntarily seek a drug test every three months,” the 29-year-old singer said.
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics team have begun an investigation and will subpoena Son and Park.
In 2009, Joo was indicted for alleged drug abuse and his relationship with Son took a public hit in 2014.
Son isn’t the only K-pop artist who has been investigated by the Seoul Police Narcotics Crime Investigations in recent days.
Rapper Choi Seung-hyun, better known as T.O.P. of BIGBANG, was involved in a marijuana drug scandal and was kicked out of his two-year mandatory military service just after he was indicted by the authorities.
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