K-Pop Star Featured on the NBA’s Facebook Gets Trashed By Their Racist Fans Instead

A post on NBA’s Facebook page featuring Korean-American singer Jay Park has been flooded with racist comments from netizens who could at least pass on as plain ignorant.

The shout-out, which showed Park posing for the camera in a Cavs jersey, has received at least 2,300 comments since its posting on Saturday.

Photo via NBA (Facebook)

For those who may not know, Park, who was born in Washington, is the former leader of K-Pop boy group 2PM. The group, which remains active with six members in South Korea, is managed by JYP Entertainment, the same label that created Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2AM, GOT7 and TWICE.

In the top 300 comments alone, many already showed blatant racism, while some innocently asked, seemingly, why the NBA featured him in the first place.

Check them out:

Meanwhile, others urged respect for the 30-year-old performer regardless of recognition and questioned the apparent double standards:

Humanity has obviously a long way to go, but Park doesn’t need to worry about it. With AOMG, his own record label, he’s probably too busy to deal with so much ignorance, racism and general shallowness.

Photo via @jparkitrighthere (Instagram)

He assured fans that everything’s okay on Sunday morning:

Keep fighting, Jae-beom!

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