K-Pop Group Spends $88,000 on Plastic Surgery to Promote New Music Videos

K-Pop Group Spends $88,000 on Plastic Surgery to Promote New Music Videos
Ryan General
March 16, 2017
All members of a relatively unknown K-Pop girl group have undergone a series of plastic surgeries merely for the promotion of their new album.
The concept of Six Bomb’s latest release involved the girls going under the knife and documenting their change for two singles titled “Becoming Prettier.” One song is subtitled “Before” a pre-operation theme and the another, subtitled “After,” which describes them after the surgery.
In the new music video teaser, the 4 members are shown walking into the hospital and then each of them coming out eventually, wearing new faces.
Here’s Six Bomb before the surgery:
“Plastic surgery cost about 100 million KRW (~ $88,000 USD) for the 4 members. We can’t explain exactly where we got procedures but you can basically say that we got work done in parts above our waist,” the group was quoted saying in an interview.
Members Soa, Da In, and Ga Bin’s procedures cost a total of 95,000,000 KRW ($83,600) while Seul Bi’s nose job costs around 5,000,000 KRW ($4,400).
“Undergoing plastic surgery wasn’t too bad,” Da In claims. “There were times I wanted to get it done when I saw my imperfections on TV. So I was able to happily get it done.”
According to Ga In, doing the procedure with her group mates made it easier for her.
“Of course, all women want to become pretty,” Ga in said. “It would’ve been hard if I had to do this by myself but it wasn’t difficult because I was with my members.”
Six Bomb’s producers have pointed out that the girls were not forced to go under the knife, according to AllKpop.
“Some people think that we forced them to get plastic surgery but it’s not like that at all,” CEO of IW Company said. “The members came up with the idea and it’s been carried out in agreement.”
Here’s Six Bomb after the operation:
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