K-Pop Group Got7 Randomly Appears on ABC7’s Broadcast in Los Angeles

K-pop group Got7 recently made an unscripted appearance in ABC7’s news broadcast for the segment “Venice Breaking Up with Los Angeles.”

via YouTube / Niharika Ghosh

Three members of Got7 — JB, Youngjae, and Mark — were all captured on ‘ABC7 News’ camera walking down the streets of Los Angeles, according to AllKpop. Not just once, though — the three members were spotted twice by the cameras in two separate areas.

In the report, it’s entirely unclear why three of the group’s members were in L.A. at the time, but some fans seem to believe that they were in the city as part of Got7’s “7 for 7” album jacket tour. Considering that the clothes they were wearing in the news clip seem similar to the outfits on their album cover, this theory appears to hold water.

via Twitter / got7official

If you think about it, though, this is like one huge coincidence, not just in their appearance: Got7, ABC7, then the album “7 for 7”?

Whatever the case may be, fans were certainly ecstatic by the surprise appearance.

This person gets it.

Featured image via YouTube / Niharika Ghosh

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