Popular K-Pop Band’s New Music Video Bashed For Being Too Sexy

Popular K-Pop Band’s New Music Video Bashed For Being Too SexyPopular K-Pop Band’s New Music Video Bashed For Being Too Sexy
Carl Samson
October 27, 2016
A K-Pop girl group has left viewers cringing at their new music video.
The group, Twice, dropped the music video for “TT,” the title track of their new album, earlier this week. As of press time, it’s close to 19 million views, and that’s not bad for a group that only debuted last year.
But few were prepared to witness what some are claiming to be glaring sexual symbolism that accompanied the song, Asia News Network said. According to the outlet, some viewers also found the choreography sexually suggestive.
Interestingly, the song title was also interpreted differently. Some said “TT” sounded like the word “tits.” Filipino viewers were surprised as “TT,” when spoken, means “penis” in Tagalog.
Meanwhile, Koreans use “TT” as a convenient crying emoji.
On the other side, fans came to the defense of Twice, filling the music video’s comment section with:
“Haters, what are you doing here?! TWICE is so wonderful and they are worthy to be loved! I don’t understand the reason why haters dislike this MV. What do you want from these dislikes?! Those make me love TWICE more and more. They are my precious girls!”
“Why is there a lot of dislikes? I’m so sad. I think this music video is very good. TWICE is popular among young people in Japan. I want to meet them! Please come to Japan.”
“I fucking love Twice and I really don’t care about haters and I will support ya Twice. Love from Thailand.”
Managed by JYP Entertainment, the company behind groups like Wonder Girls and GOT7, Twice debuted in 2015 and has since made hits “Like OOH-AHH” and “Cheer Up”.
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