K-pop girl group Lapillus release new comeback album ‘GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1’

  • K-pop girl group Lapillus dropped their first comeback album “GIRL's ROUND Part. 1” on Thursday.  
  • The album is led by the title track “GRATATA” and includes other songs such as “Burn With Love,” “Queendom” and their debut single “HIT YA!” 
  • Lapillus debuted in June with members Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon and Haeun under MLD Entertainment. 
  • They will make their U.S. debut at the inaugural KAMP LA music festival next month. 

K-pop girl group Lapillus are back with their new album “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1” and the music video for their song “GRATATA.”

The comeback album includes four other songs: “Burn With Love,” “Queendom,” an instrumental version of “GRATATA” and the group’s June debut prerelease “HIT YA!” 


In a press conference for the new album, member Bessie shared that title track “GRATATA” is about “stacking up our dreams and taking a shot. Please pay attention to how we sing ‘gra-ta-ta’ like the sound of a machine gun.” 

Member Seo-won added, “While ‘HIT YA!’ took on a very strong attitude because it was all about showing our ambitions upon debut, ‘GRATATA’ feels more enjoyable like a festival.”

Lapillus consists of members Bessie, Seowon, Chanty, Shana, Yue and Haeun. The six-member act are under MLD Entertainment. Notably, Chanty is the first K-pop idol of either Filipino and Argentinian descent. Prior to Lapillus, Chanty was an actor and model in the Philippines. Meanwhile, member Shana competed in the 2021 idol reality competition show “Girls Planet 999,” the show that led to the formation of K-pop girl group Kep1er.

Next month, Lapillus will make their U.S. debut at the inaugural KAMP LA music festival. Other acts who will perform during the event include Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon, Monsta X, Somi, Aespa, Super Junior, IKON, GOT7’s BamBam and Zion. T.

Featured Image via MLD ENTERTAINMENT 

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