K-Pop Fans Launch an All Out War With Miley Cyrus’ Fans Following ‘Racist’ Tweets

Miley Cyrus fans were sent into a frenzy today when they saw the hashtag #RIPMileyCyrus trending on Twitter. Many were worried thinking the pop star had passed away. 
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Upon further research, it was discovered that the hashtag was actually caused by angry K-Pop fans accusing Cyrus’ fans of bring “racist” towards the K-Pop music genre.
The drama started when a Miley Cyrus fan allegedly said that “K-Pop is only known in Asia” along with other racist comments and the hashtag #RIPMileyCyrus, according to Twitter user @xVisualee.
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Both sides are currently blaming each other on who started the digital war. Twitter user @SurongQ tweeted:
“Miley stans started this ugly hashtag and then blamed K-pop fans. K-Pop stans (sic) didn’t do anything wrong. All they did is defend their idols from racist comments.”
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Right before the Miley Cyrus fiasco, the hashtag #exosnatchedjustinsfansparty started trending after fans of the K-pop group Exo went to twitter claiming that the group was more popular than Justin Bieber.
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Exo’s fans pointed out that both acts had concerts on the same night in Tokyo, and uploaded photos from both concerts showing Bieber’s concert looking empty, while Exo’s had a packed house.
“The picture showed [Justin]’s venue almost empty while Exo’s venue was packed. So the user assumed fans chose Exo over [Justin] but it’s all wrong,” wrote UnrealityTV. “The picture was taken after [Justin’s] concert ended. A lot of fans went to Exo AFTER [Bieber].”
It’s incredible how a something so small can quickly turn the internet upside down. This is the power of passionate pop fans on social media. You have been warned people.
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