Seoul Now Has AirBnB Experiences That Teach You How to Sing and Dance Like a K-Pop Idol

Seoul Now Has AirBnB Experiences That Teach You How to Sing and Dance Like a K-Pop IdolSeoul Now Has AirBnB Experiences That Teach You How to Sing and Dance Like a K-Pop Idol
Carl Samson
November 18, 2019
Those who have enmeshed themselves in the K-pop world long before BTS and BLACKPINK set milestones in the international music scene would by now be familiar with the rich diversity the genre has to offer.
Over time, in ideal conditions, a K-pop act develops his/her/their own unique style, either by building upon a core concept (think TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet and the Orange Caramel) or experimenting with fresh elements to set a new trend (cue NCT, GOT7, f(x) and SHINee).
It follows that different K-pop acts make different types of music, which then draw different kinds of fans — the most notorious of which have no qualms about chasing after their idols in airport terminals with barely any clothes.
Then, there are those who eventually wish to be K-pop stars themselves, even going as far as spending a fortune on plastic surgeries to try to look like their idols:
For the vast majority of fans who can live well enough with making song and dance covers of their favorite artists’ tracks, a new opportunity awaits in Seoul — all thanks to AirBnB.
Two unique experiences based in the South Korean capital’s Seodaemun District are currently teaching people how to sing and dance like a professional K-pop idol.
Image via 윤정
Image via 윤정
The singing experience, taught by professional vocal trainer Yoon Jong, is an individualized, three-hour session that begins with a voice lesson and culminates in an actual recording that you can bring home.
“We’ll begin with a short vocal lesson and you will try recording a verse of a song,” Yoon Jong says in her listing. “We’ll take a 30-minute break in the middle of the recording time to check out where to make some changes.”
Image via 윤정
Image via 윤정
Yoon Jong holds a degree in contemporary music vocals and has been offering vocal lessons since 2015.
The dancing experience, taught by Bryan Dongwoo, features a class of 20 people that runs for 2.5 hours, with each group learning a different K-pop song than the rest.
Image via Bryan Dongwoo
Image via Bryan Dongwoo
“I’m an avid traveler and K-pop dance lover. A lot of people I met while traveling around the world wanted to have a hands-on experience with K-pop culture, so I created a dancing team called ‘Fanxy’ with my friends. We are passionate K-pop dancers with many years of teaching experience. We want to share our vibe with not only Koreans but also people from all over the world,” Bryan says in his listing.
Perhaps the most exciting part of the experience is a culminating music video, which would at least put you on par with your ultimate bias dancing to your favorite track in a choreography practice video.
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Image via Bryan Dongwoo
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Image via Bryan Dongwoo
Both experiences are offered in English, though the dance class is also taught in Korean and simplified Chinese.
The singing experience comes at $107 per person, while the dancing experience charges $45 for one.
Feature Images via 윤정 (Left) and Bryan Dongwoo (Right)
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