Man Draws Twitter Fury After Admitting to Destroying Tents During Fyre Festival on Netflix

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A new Netflix documentary titled “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” is drawing the ire of netizens due to the questionable behavior of a certain festival attendee amid what was otherwise a spectacular disaster of an event. 


The documentary chronicles the story behind the infamous Fyre Festival, a luxury music festival in the Bahamas that failed catastrophically in 2017 after its promises of opulence for guests — who paid upwards of $1,200 for tickets — materialized in the form of disaster relief tents, soggy mattresses and cheese sandwiches in styrofoam trays.

Upon their arrival, when attendees realized that the advertised “luxury villas” were a thing of fiction, chaos broke out as people scrambled to claim the unassigned tents.

Image via Instagram / @bizbash

In the ensuing free-for-all, the measures attendee Justin Liao, currently head of business development at Pulse Lab, took to secure comfort raised some eyebrows:

“We didn’t want neighbors,” said Justin Liao.

Screenshot via Netflix

“Our strategy from there was to kind of ransack all the tents around us. Just started poking holes and flipping mattresses. My buddy pissed on a few of the beds.”

Screenshot via Netflix
Screenshot via Netflix
Screenshot via Netflix
Screenshot via Netflix
Image via Twitter / @linhtropy

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their anger:

Liao attempted to defend himself on Twitter through a string of tweets that have since been deleted, except for the following three:


Featured Image via Twitter / @linhtropy (left) and YouTube / Netflix (right)

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