Junji Ito vampire tale ‘Bloodsucking Darkness’ to become a live-action film

Junji Ito vampire tale ‘Bloodsucking Darkness’ to become a live-action filmJunji Ito vampire tale ‘Bloodsucking Darkness’ to become a live-action film
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Daniel Anderson
April 4, 2023
Fangoria Studios is set to adapt Junji Ito’s short story manga “Bloodsucking Darkness” into a live-action feature film. 
The adaptation marks the first of three projects Fangoria plans to develop from Ito’s hit vampire series, “Smashed: Junji Ito Story Collection.” Jeff Howard, known for his work on Netflix’s mini-series “Midnight Mass” and the 2013 supernatural thriller “Oculus,” will write the screenplay and executive produce the film. A director has not yet been announced.
“When I found out a live action Junji Ito adaptation was going to happen, I chased after it with everything I had, because I just couldn’t live with anyone else getting there before me. The combination of fear and feelings is where I always want to be,” Howard said.
Ito, who is serving as a producer on the film, expressed excitement at the prospect of seeing his work adapted for the big screen. 
“Fangoria Studios is going to adapt my manga! I’m so excited to see how it will turn out,” said Ito. “I hope I get to see the trailer in my dreams tonight.”
“Bloodsucking Darkness” is a short story that centers around a woman named Nami who develop an eating disorder and begins to vomit blood after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She meets a boy named Kazuya and both of their lives take horrific twists and turns.  
Armen Aghaeian, senior VP at Fangoria Studios, called Ito’s work “pure nightmare fuel” and expressed anticipation toward bringing his pages to the big screen. 
Some of Ito’s works have received adaptations before. In January, Netflix dropped the animated series “Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre,” featuring 20 different Ito stories. Toonami is also slated to broadcast a four-episode anime inspired by Ito’s popular manga “Uzumaki.” 

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