K-Pop Idol Junho Reunites with Ethiopian Child He’s Been Sponsoring for 8 Years at ‘6K for Water’


After years of overseas sponsorship, 2PM’s Junho, whose full name is Lee Jun-ho, has finally been reunited with Felmeta, the child he has been sponsoring from Ethiopia since 2010.

Image via Instagram / le2jh

The two were reunited unexpectedly during the “2018 Global 6K for Water” run at the Ttukseom Han River Park in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 3, All K-pop reported.


Felmeta reportedly flew to South Korea to meet Junho again since their first meeting in 2012 when the K-pop star visited Ethiopia, according to Korean news outlet MDaily.


Not only did he express appreciation to the artist, but Felmeta also participated in the marathon alongside Junho.

Image World Vision via MDaily

I am overwhelmed at how I was able to participate with the child I’m sponsoring at a meaningful event aiming to gift clean water to Africa,” Junho said, as translated by All K-pop.

Image World Vision via MDaily

“I’m touched to see that the child I’m sponsoring has grown up so healthily. I hope many will participate in the donation for African children who has trouble obtaining clean water.”

Image World Vision via MDaily

Junho, along with thousands of participants, ran 6 kilometers (3.7 miles), which is the average distance that African children walk every day to obtain water, said in the report.

Featured Images via MDaily

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