Korean YouTuber Who Went to Pee in Alley Randomly Meets BTS’ Jungkook

Korean YouTuber Who Went to Pee in Alley Randomly Meets BTS’ Jungkook

April 24, 2020
A Korean YouTuber had an unexpected encounter when he suddenly ran into BTS member Jungkook in an alley after he excused himself to pee.
YouTuber YAN shared a picture of himself alongside Jeon Jungkook on April 16 on Instagram.
YAN made a follow-up post on YouTube to tell his 900,000+ followers exactly what happened that fateful night.
In the 10-minute video, YAN explained that he was out with his friends in a bar prior to the meetup. After having a few drinks, he had to excuse himself to go to the restroom, but when he asked the staff of the bar, they said they did not have one.
YAN managed to find a restroom in a nearby alley. After relieving himself, he got out and he suddenly stumbled upon a guy wearing a hat and said he recognized YAN.
The man, who would later turn out to be Jungkook, greeted YAN. The YouTuber mistook him as a student on his way home and one of his subscribers. He then told YAN he enjoys watching his videos.
YAN then reiterated that the area was dark and he was unfamiliar with the spot. It was also hard to recognize the man as he had his hat pulled down covering his face.
BTS came up in their conversation. He was in disbelief at first as he never thought he would meet a member of the K-pop group in an alley.
YAN then took out his phone and asked to take a picture with the man.
Screenshot via 영알남YAN
YAN only realized what happened the day after when he looked at the photo to discover that the man was actually Jungkook.
Feature Image via @yan.youtube
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