Florida Woman Arrested for Peeing in Ice Cream Machine, Picking Her Nose and Touching Ice Cream

A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested for picking her nose and then sticking her unwashed hands in ice cream at an ice cream shop last month.

Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, allegedly tampered with products and other supplies at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream and Candy Shop, located in Indian Shores, for three days in June.


Wypcha, who runs a Food Mart next door, shares a bathroom with the ice cream shop.

On June 17, she allegedly walked to a freezer storing organic ice cream, opened containers and placed her hands in them after using the bathroom “with the door wide open” five times.

Image via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Surveillance videos also caught Wypcha picking her nose, sticking her fingers and spitting on ice cream containers.

The next day, she failed to open the freezer even after removing boxes that had been piled on top of it.

Image via Facebook / Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop

Wypcha returned to use the bathroom on June 22, but the door had been locked this time.

Frustrated, she urinated on one of Lu Lu’s buckets used to churn ice cream.

Image via Facebook / Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop

She then poured the bucket into a sink marked “rinse,” which happens to be used for washing mixing bowls and utensils.

Somehow, she managed to get back to the freezer on the same day, putting her hands in ice cream containers on three different occasions.

Image via Facebook / Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop

The suspect’s actions forced Lu Lu to throw away $2,000 worth of product to “ensure public safety.” Owners are understandably upset about the matter. 

“Stuff like this can ruin our business and can ruin our lives,” co-owner Paul Chiulli said, according to ABC Action News. “We didn’t even know she was mad. But I’m guessing it’s from the parking and us being popular.”

Image via Facebook / Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop

On Monday, Wypcha was arrested for tampering and criminal mischief — both felonies — but was also released on a $55,000 bail. According to police, she had no indication of mental issues, as well as alcohol or drug use.

Lu Lu halted operations for about four to five days as a result of Wypcha’s actions. It reopened a week ago, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Featured Images via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (Left) and Facebook / Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop (Right)

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