’24 Hours With Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung’ shows her reuniting with ex-costars Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Joo-ryoung

’24 Hours With Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung’ shows her reuniting with ex-costars Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Joo-ryoung
Michelle De Pacina
By Michelle De Pacina
November 19, 2021
Jung Ho-yeon shared her favorite secret place while reuniting with two “Squid Game” cast members and talked about how much her life has changed after the success of the Netflix hit show.
Day in the life: In Vogue’s latest YouTube video, featuring Jung, the actress takes Vogue around Seoul for 24 hours during her day off.
  • The video, titled “24 Hours With Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung | Vogue,” was directed by Ray Yi and produced by Gabrielle Reich and is part of the outlet’s ongoing series.
  • At 11 a.m., Jung visits her friend and stylist Aeri Yun and her son named Phillip. They enjoy a lunch meal prepared by Yun before going to Namsan Seoul Tower for a walk along with Yun’s dog.
  • Yun mentions Jung’s busy schedule as they sit on the park’s bench. “It’s been really hard. Of course, I’d always hoped ‘Squid Game’ would do well, but no one could have predicted it would be this big,” Jung admits.
  • At 3 p.m., Jung takes Vogue to “Hyundai Card Music Library,” a place she goes to listen to music.
  • “When I was acting for the first time in ‘Squid Game,’ I listened to a lot of music,” Jung shares. “I listened to a lot of music by Sanulrim, Yoo Jae-Ha and Kwang-seok. In particular, I listened to the song ‘Reminiscence’ by Sanulrim a bunch. Listening to that song assisted me emotionally.”
“Everything changed”: Jung shares her feelings about her overnight  “Squid Game” fame and later reunites with two of her cast members from the hit show for dinner.
  • The actress brings Vogue to her “secret place,” on a rooftop overlooking the South Korean capital.
  • “Working on ‘Squid Game’ was so fun and worth it,” she says as the sun sets. “And it feels even more worth it now that audiences are loving it too. It’s just so fascinating. In just one month, everything changed. My entire life changed so much.” She adds: “At first, that was scary and I didn’t know how to accept it. I just felt like I was floating. But I think I’m slowly getting used to it and feeling more grateful and excited for the future.”
  • Towards the end of her day off, Jung reunites with her “Squid Game” co-stars Lee Yoo-mi, who played Ji-yeong, and Kim Joo-ryoung, who played Han Min-yeo.
  • Together, they enjoy a steak dinner. “It was such a wonderful time with my friends,” Jung said before saying her farewell to Vogue.
Featured Image via Vogue
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