Julia Stakhiva: Meet the Ukrainian Rich Kid Who Thinks She’s Too Beautiful to Have a Real Job

Julia Stakhiva: Meet the Ukrainian Rich Kid Who Thinks She’s Too Beautiful to Have a Real JobJulia Stakhiva: Meet the Ukrainian Rich Kid Who Thinks She’s Too Beautiful to Have a Real Job

Meet Julia Stakhiva, a 23-year-old Ukrainian rich kid who’s amassed an Instagram following by believing that the only thing more important than money to the rich is to look beautiful.
According to Daily Mail, Stakhiva revealed:
“Anyone can be rich but not everyone can be beautiful. In my circles, I know that wealthy people aren’t jealous of shoes and handbags — they are jealous of other people’s looks. That’s why it’s important for me to look beautiful, be skinny and have nice hair.”

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Stakhiva, who is now a senior studying at Regent’s University in London, is completely bank rolled by her multi-millionaire parents who made their fortune through multiple companies in the Ukraine, notably a food production business. They are reportedly very supportive of their daughter spending their money on her favorite hobby — enhancing her beauty through cosmetic surgery.
“I am very close to my parents, they taught me to improve myself like this and they see my talent.
“It’s my life’s goal to become successful. I’m not suitable for an office job because of how well I dress and how educated I am. My friends and family see me as leader so I don’t think I could be employed by anyone after university.”

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Since the age of 18, Stakhiva has spent nearly $260,000 on cosmetic surgery procedures, not including a $29,000 boob job scheduled for later this year.
“I’m considering getting breast implants this year too. It would definitely make me feel better.”

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Each year she reportedly spends around $43,000 on lip injections, facial fillers, cheek reduction surgery, semi-permanent makeup, teeth whitening, eye-lash extensions and a painful set of scalp injections to make her hair beautiful.
“I got fillers to make my face more pretty and buccal fat removal surgery to make my cheeks more defined. I had too much baby fat. My parents understand my pursuit of perfection. Being healthy and looking good is the most important thing in the world.”
“I believe everyone should start cosmetic surgery at a young age. It’s better to save up your money for beauty treatments instead of spending it on food.
“Some people are not brave enough to have surgery. They think it’s better to sit at home, eat pizza and judge me. But I just think well, you eat pizza and I look pretty.”

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Starting at the age of 16, Stakhiva claims she spends $25,000 a month on just clothes and has so far collected 100 handbags and 60 pairs of shoes. Her total wardrobe is estimated to cost over $2,150,000.
“For my graduation outfit, I have a budget of £20,000 minimum. My mother and I will be going to Paris to buy a really nice dress for the ceremony.”
Stakhiva’s life is otherwise pretty standard for a rish kid. Despite being a full time student, she flies to Russia to get her hair done and parties in all of the hottestlubs around.
“There are no good beauticians or hairdressers in London. So it’s much easier to take a plane to Moscow every few months to get all my treatments. I have to book out the whole salon in Moscow for the day so it can be free for me anytime I arrive.”
When Stakhiva, who is currently single, goes out for a night on the town, she orders the most stereotypical “rich kid” champagne brands but also hires an assistant to keep her safe if she has one too many drinks:
“When I’m out, I order Dom Perignon or Cristal. I hired an assistant to keep an eye on me at all times and ensure I don’t get too drunk when I’m out.”
“I love all my haters. I would rather die than have people not talk about me. People criticizing me shows that I’m an extraordinary person.”
Well, she sure doesn’t sound like a lonely rich kid, right?
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