Russian Businesswoman Posts Naked Breastfeeding Photo on Instagram to Support Moms Everywhere

Russian businesswoman Julia Prudko isn’t shy to let the world know she’s breastfeeding her son, Fedor.

Prudko, who lives in Moscow, took her clothes off for a photo expressing solidarity with other breastfeeding mothers. It was posted on her Instagram account.

Shot in Bali, the image raked over 2,400 likes as of press time, with more than 240 comments.

Julia claimed she always breastfed Fedor in public, from business meetings to leisure activities. Today, she runs her own PR agency.

The former journalist said via Daily Mail:

“Once I realised I was pregnant, I joined courses for mothers-to-be. As well as getting information about how my life would never be the same, I learned tons of things about breastfeeding.”

However, not everyone is supportive of Julia’s actions. One comment was scathing:

“Is it really that hard to go five metres away from the café instead of showing everyone your saggy tits and destroying their appetite?”

But Julia would rather spend time looking after Fedor than care about negative comments. She said there is no point convincing haters, pressing her stand on the matter:

“I’m happy to join the army of militant supporters. I absolutely do believe it is very very important to explain to the public that you need to feed your baby, when and where he wants to be fed.”

>And for moms thinking they should never leave the house, she advised:

“You don’t have to turn into a recluse, not leaving the house. You can and should live a full life and share this colourful life with your child.”

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