Gay Asian man who fell into a coma after brutal attack is making ‘tremendous progress’ in recovery

Joshua Dowd

A gay Asian man who fell into a coma following a brutal attack in Atlanta last month, is now making “tremendous progress” in his recovery.

Courageous recovery: Joshua Dowd, 28, had a very active day on Saturday as he tried to move his head, both of his arms and his legs following the incident, according to the recent update on his GoFundMe page.

  • “As I type this, Josh is sitting up next to me in a lounging chair,” the update continues. “He’s alert and just getting acclimated to being upright. He’s also breathing on his own! Today, they’ll let him breath without a vent for 6 hours. Tomorrow, it’ll be 8 hours… and so on.”
  • Dowd is also set to return to his physical and occupational therapy soon.

What happened: The Atlanta Police Department found Dowd barely breathing on the train tracks in the Lindbergh area of Buckhead on July 11.

  • He was taken to Grady Hospital for treatment and slipped into a coma after doctors performed surgery on him.
  • Colin Kelly, Dowd’s partner of three years, does not believe the incident was a robbery as the man “still had his phone and debit card on him” at the time of the attack.
  • Although it was deemed a non-crime/miscellaneous incident at first, the Atlanta police are now looking into the matter as an aggravated assault case, 11ALIVE reported.

Featured Image via GoFundMe

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