How ‘The Fat Jew’ Used Instagram to Land a Modelling Gig

Like many models before him, Ostrovsky plans to use his career as a springboard into acting:

“In fact I am doing a bunch of pornographic movies starting later this summer, but only in nonsexual acting roles. Like I bring my friend over to my house and my hot mom is there, but then realize that I forgot to get something at the store so I go out, and when I come back my friend is having sex with my mom and I’m furious about it.”

Ostrovsky’s book “Money Pizza Respect” comes out in October. He said:


“One of the first chapters is about how my mom slept with famous children’s poet Shel Silverstein in the early 1970s, and how I recently got a paternity test done because I want him to be my dad so bad. If that’s not reason enough to read this book, I don’t know what is.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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