Here’s The Insane Amount of Money a 275-Pound Body Builder Spends on Food in Just One Week

To be the best in any given field, sometimes one has to take extreme measures. For Australian Josh Lenartowicz, who is aiming to be at the pinnacle of the bodybuilding world, it means spending over $700 a week on food alone.  

To maintain his 275-pound frame, the 32-year-old bodybuilder eats about six to 10 meals a day and works out between four and eight hours a day in the gym, Metro UK reports. He keeps up his extensive training to trim away every ounce of excess body fat.

To keep up his lifestyle and the enormous monthly food budget, Lenartowicz juggled two jobs plus school when he was a student. The body builder was spending up to $2,800 a month on food until he became sponsored by a protein meal company. He explained:

It’s like you’re feeding six or seven people. The meals are quite big, it takes sometimes 30 minutes to eat a meal. So you can see how your day turns out that it’s a full-time job.”

His current Hulk-like physique is a massive difference from his appearance when he started just two years ago. The huge difference even sparked social media allegations of performance-enhancing drug use:

“I’ve never ever cheated in my life … it’s almost a form of bullying in a way. If people said that about Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods … it is disrespectful in a way because it disregards all the hard work.”

He is currently eyeing the top spot for this year’s Mr. Olympia, an international competition that showcases the best in bodybuilding. Previous recent wins in Italy and California have earned him the slot in the worldwide contest.

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