Racist Food Network Host Pummeled on Twitter for Saying ‘Straight White Male’ is the New ‘N-Word’

Josh Denny, a straight White male who thinks being called a “straight White male” is equivalent to being called the N-word for African American people, has generated controversy on social media.

In a tweet, the straight White male host of “Ginormous Food” on the Food Network likened the basic description of his race, gender, and sexuality to a racial slur.

“‘Straight White Male’ has become this century’s N-Word. It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias. No difference in the usage,” wrote the straight White male.

Not only did he say place “straight White male” in the same category as the word associated with lynching, slavery and general injustice that Black people have suffered for generations, the straight White male also shamelessly compared himself to Martin Luther King.

“My point is when you call someone this in conversation – you know exactly what you’re doing: attempting to devalue their POV based on negative cultural stereotypes. That’s racism,” the straight White male wrote in another tweet.

The straight White male noted that it was the thing both he and Dr. Martin Luther King are fighting against.


Netizens soon piled on their angry responses to his ignorant posts, with many calling him out on his tone-deaf comparisons.

After generating a massive backlash, the straight White male said that he was just trying to “attract people to the conversation” and that some of what he said were mere “jokes.”

No one really bought into his claim that the tweet came from “a place wanting us to be better to each other” as the obnoxious straight White male is apparently known for his racist and bigoted tweets in the past.

Here are some of the hateful tweets other Twitter users dug up to remind him in case he forgot:



Featured Image via Instagram / StraightWhiteMale

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