One California Man is Making Bank off the Drought By Painting People’s Lawns

As most Californians are already aware, we are in the midst of a terrible drought. Heavily affected areas that once held green grass are now dry and yellow after measures were taken to save water.

But where most people saw parched land, one man saw an opportunity. Josh Cox is the owner of Fresno, California-based Mirage Lawn Painting. Just as the name of his company implies, he makes it look like people’s lawns aren’t suffering from drought by painting them green.

The plant-based paint he uses is 100% organic, safe for pets and children, and lasts 2-3 months until the grass grows out again. It makes homeowners happy to see their lawns green again, and it keeps Cox busy until the drought lets up.

If there’s one skill that’s crucial to any entrepreneur, it’s to see opportunity in everything –maybe you can’t fix the main problem, but you can make life easier and better for the people facing it.

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