Billionaire Buys Full-Page Ad to Say He Broke Up With His Girlfriend and Gave Her $258 Million

Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau decided to place full page advertisements in the local media just to announce that he has already split from his girlfriend back in 2014.

In his ad, Lau revealed his break-up with longtime partner, Yvonne Lui, 37, from two years back.

The 65-year-old tycoon reportedly placed front-page print advertisements on Tuesday to publicly announce their status following some media speculation arising from Lui’s supposed visit to him in the hospital, reports Apple Daily (via the Straits Times).

Lau explained that while he broke up with his 37-year-old partner in 2014, he will still be fully supporting their two children. He also added some interesting details in the statement.

“Before the break-up, I took care of her daily life and gave her a lot of cash, jewellery and other gifts, worth more than HK $2 billion (S $363 million). She is now a super rich woman who can lead a wealthy life without my financial support,” the statement read.

Lau met Lui back in 2001 at a Luis Vuitton store in London while she was studying for a chemical engineering degree.

Lau, who is currently suffering from several medical conditions such as kidney failure, heart disease and diabetes, is under the care of his most recent girlfriend, 37-year-old Chan Hoi Wan.

He is currently the world’s 65th richest man and is worth $12.5 billion.

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