This $227 ‘Butt Lamp’ Gets Turned on When You Slap or Pinch It

This $227 ‘Butt Lamp’ Gets Turned on When You Slap or Pinch It
Editorial Staff
October 6, 2015
One clever man, Joseph Begley, created a butt-shaped lamp that turns on when someone slaps or pinches it. The London-based designer dubbed his creation “Slap It.”
The silicone lamp can be set to 10 different colors and was sold as limited-editions in 2014.
On his site, the creator says of his product:
“A sense of lasting enjoyment is promoted through the unique tactile pleasure, the irresistible cheeky interaction and the aesthetic quality of the glowing buttocks! A multi-sensory experience to make you smile.”  
His newest version can be found in his online store for $227. Begley said of his designs:
“Within my practice I strive to combine functionality with playfulness and humour.”
The University of the Arts London alumnus has participated in several exhibitions including the Vibe Gallery in London in 2013 and the GX Gallery in London in 2012.
h/t: Boredpanda
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