What Happens When an Asian Mom Gets a Roomba

What Happens When an Asian Mom Gets a RoombaWhat Happens When an Asian Mom Gets a Roomba
Bryan Ke
March 4, 2019
Asian comedian and actor Joon Lee poked fun at his mom for not knowing how a Roomba robot vacuum works in a short new comedy video.
In the clip, Lee played the role of his mom and bought her a Roomba, an automatic robot vacuum cleaner.
However, instead of letting the little tech wonder do its job, the mother follows it around and cleans up after it.
The whole point was for her to clean less,” Lee wrote in the Instagram post caption. “At this rate she should try out for the National Curling team.”
It is unclear if this specific scenario really happened at one point with his mom and Lee is just reenacting what he saw.
The latest video is one of his comedy skits where he plays an Asian mom trying to tidy up just like the Marie Kondo.
Images Screenshot via Instagram / joonleecomedy
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