‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Jon M. Chu Reveals the Time He Snuck Into the Oscars

A celebrity or filmmaker’s first time at the Oscars marks a memorable occasion, and for “Crazy Rich Asians” director, Jon M. Chu, his memory attending his first Academy Awards is a different kind of memorable. 

Many celebrities receive their access into the Academy Awards through invitation, but the 39-year-old director recounted the time when he had to sneak inside the Oscars just to watch the prestigious award show.

The first @theacademy Awards I ever went to was in 2001 when I made a fake pass and snuck in,” Chu, who also directed “Now You See Me 2,” said in his Instagram post. “I watched the whole show from backstage.”


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A couple behind-the-scenes videos of @theacademy Awards night with #CrazyRichAsians

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Chu at the 2019 Oscars marks his third attendance since his dance group “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers” performed at the Academy Awards back in 2010, according to Huffington Post. He reportedly went into the award show as the date of Constance Wu, who played Rachel Chu, the lead of “Crazy Rich Asians.”

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