‘Until my next life’: Customer with three months left to live pens final ‘thank you’ note to Jollibee before chemotherapy

Jollibee customer

A cancer patient’s farewell bid to his favorite fast food restaurant in the Philippines is touching hearts on social media. 

Different message: Mechelle Centurias, manager at a Jollibee outlet in Cebu City, shared a Facebook post on Friday narrating the story of a customer who wrote a “thank you” note on the back of his receipt.

  • According to Centurias, she was told by her staff that the customer left the note as feedback on Thursday. 
  • She shared an image of the note, which was partly written in Cebuano: “My Jollibee. Thank you for the 32 years. This is the last time that I will be dining here because tomorrow I will start with my chemotherapy. I have stage 4 cancer. My doctor said that I have 3 months to live. Once again, thank you my Jollibee. Until my next life. I love you my Jollibee.”
  • Centurias, who found herself in tears as she read the note, wrote in a comment that she checked the CCTV footage and saw the customer excitedly waiting for his meal.
  • “I remembered how his eyes smiled when I called his number when his order was ready,” she added.
  • Centurias noted that after silently eating alone at his table, the customer “cleaned up his table, brought the tray at (sic) the claim area and left.”

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A manager’s response: Centurias immediately tried to look for the customer to give him encouragement and appreciation for the note, but the man had already left. 

  • In her post, she offered a message to the customer: “To this ‘brave someone’ who just prepared himself for a big fight, we pray for your recovery. The 3 months your doctor gave you can be 3 years or 3 decades or longer. God gives miracles. We just have to believe and strengthen our faith.”
  • Centurias ended her post saying, “I hope we’ve served you better and made you happy when you’re at Jollibee. Welabyu.”
  • Centurias’ post, which has generated thousands of shares and reactions, received a deluge of comments wishing the customer courage and strength as he continues his battle with cancer.  
  • Centuria is hoping her post reaches the customer as she has received messages from people who are willing to send help.  
  • “Please help me share this post until this reaches him. Somebody generous messaged me that they are willing to help,” she wrote. “Sir ‘brave someone’ if you read this, please message me.”
Image via Mechelle Centurias
Image via Mechelle Centurias

Featured Image via Jollibee Studios (left), Mechelle Centurias (right)

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