We’ve Found the Swaggiest Asian Man of All Time

We’ve Found the Swaggiest Asian Man of All TimeWe’ve Found the Swaggiest Asian Man of All Time
Editorial Staff
October 10, 2016
In mainstream media, Asian males are constantly emasculated and presented and either “nerdy” or “weak” character.
Twitter user @Johnny_Boyy17 has became a pseudo celebrity after homecoming photos of him and his girlfriend went viral. The initial tweet racked up over 110,000 likes and 43,000 retweets.
I mean c’mon! Just look at how gangster this man looks! Jonathan has to be the swaggiest Asian man of all time.
Jonathan was originally from California and now resides on the East coast. The photos were taken in lieu of their school’s homecoming dance.
“The pictures were jokingly taken to show friends “pictures you show your friends vs your parents,” Jonathan told NextShark.
Johnathan says that he didn’t expect his photos to go viral at all. When asked why he thinks they did, he gave us six reasons:
1. My car attracted a lot of the car fanatics.
2. Both of our fits were nice.
3. The girl is attractive.
4. Me being asian and having a mixed girlfriend.
5. The big house in the back which people assumed was mine which wasn’t.
6. We are a good looking couple.
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As an Asian male himself, Jonathan says that he’s well aware of how Asian men are seen in mainstream media. Fortunately, he’s never had to deal with any major hardships because of his ethnicity.
“People expect Asians guys to be with Asian females,” he said.
Jonathan also runs a photography business with his friend on the side and he enjoys modding cars. He also has a talent for cutting hair.
“I’m the go-to barber at school.” he said.
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