This Genius iPhone Case Will Make Catching Pokémon MUCH Easier

If you’ve been struggling to catch Pokémon on Pokémon GO, there’s now a simple solution to make things much easier. 

Jon Cleaver, an industrial design student in Australia, created a cool iPhone case that acts as a guide to help your fingers consistently throw Pokéballs straight. This should help cut down the amount of attempts it typically takes for you to catch Pokémon.

You can download the plans for the Pokéball aimer for free at My Mini Factory. You just need to have your own 3D printer and iPhone 6.

If you don’t have a 3D printer,  Twitter user @mouri45 came up with a much cheaper solution by using a rubber band. While it’s probably doesn’t look as good as the case, its not a bad alternative if you’re strapped for cash.


h/t: RocketNews24

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