People Kept Congratulating John Cho at The Oscars After ‘Parasite’ Win

john cho

John Cho found himself receiving congratulations following the “Parasite” wins at the 92nd annual Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Known for his memorable roles in the cult favorite “Harold & Kumar” movies and the “Star Trek” franchise, Cho is indeed a brilliant actor. Many believe that the Korean American star was robbed of an Oscar for his role in the film “Searching,” according to BuzzFeed.

The problem is that he wasn’t even in “Parasite,” nor did he have anything to do with the creation of the South Korean film.

“Parasite” won big that night, becoming the first film in history to win both Best Picture and Best International Film on the same night. In the Academy’s 92-year history, only five other films have been nominated for both categories in the same year. After winning four Oscars — Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film for the film, and Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin-won — “Parasite” tied Walt Disney’s record for the most Oscars won in one night.

“Standing with Parasite crew, I got congratulated A LOT. Lol,” wrote the amused actor on Twitter.

Some Twitter users found the mistake to be funny and joked about how Cho should play along and take advantage of it.

Feature Image via @johnthecho

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