22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Fulfills Childhood Dream of Opening EDM Boba Tea Bar

22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Fulfills Childhood Dream of Opening EDM Boba Tea Bar
King Malleta
By King Malleta
April 6, 2017
At the age of 22, a young entrepreneur was able to make his dream of opening an EDM-themed bubble tea bar a reality.
Joey Tran was only just talking about his plans of opening Gosu last year. His menu was in order, his bar under construction, and his permits were being settled. A few months after, he is ready to launch the fruit of his labor.
According to SFist, Gosu is an “EDM Themed Tea Bar with Asian American Snack and Dessert Fusion Specialties.”
Tran said that he started crafting his boba drinks two years ago. But aside from boba, his bar also offers other snacks like pizza, mini octopus corndogs, and fruit sushi.
Aside from the food and drinks, Gosu also serves as a home for Tran’s love for EDM, and to bring in more fun, he announced that his bar will having DJs playing on weekends.
Since EDM and rave culture are tied together, he dedicated a wall on Gosu for bead bracelets also known as “kandis.” These bracelets declare that you are a PLUR bonafide — a philosophy in the rave culture that means Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.
Just like all businesses, Tran’s did not start easy. He had to make certain sacrifices. He said that he dropped out from college two and a half years ago and because of his Asian background, revealing this decision to his parents was more difficult.
“Being Asian, it was hard to tell my parents I didn’t want to go to school anymore. [But they were] surprisingly understanding,” Tran said.
Now that he is a legitimate business owner, Tran prepares himself for shifts and complications.
“Boba can be popular now, but in a couple years be gone. So every year my items will change because people get bored of things. We already have a menu set for next year,” Tran said
Gosu opened their doors last week but is scheduled for a full launch in May. For those who are interested to drop by, it’s located in the Inner Richmond at 1014 Clement Street.
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