‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Accused of Cheating Back to Back With Multiple Asian Women

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Accused of Cheating Back to Back With Multiple Asian Women‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Accused of Cheating Back to Back With Multiple Asian Women
Joey Jones, a recently ejected contestant from the reality-dating show “The Bachelorette,” may not be a name familiar even to the most avid viewers of the show, but he has somehow become one of its most controversial figures.
With very minimal air-time in the only three episodes he was in, the 33-year-old finance manager from Bethesda came and went largely unnoticed on the show. Now, Joey’s alleged multiple relationships that he had while he was joining the show have come back to haunt him.
At lest two Asian women have come forward to share their stories, accusing Joey of dating different women at the same time in secret right before he started shooting for the Bachelorette episodes.
One of the women, who identified herself as Ashley, shared that she started dating Joey back in 2017. Their relationship supposedly ended in July last year after he broke up with her over the phone.
“He had another (Asian) girlfriend by the end of August but likes my photo on Hinge in October while still in a relationship. He tells me he misses me, loves me, wants to be with me–I fall for it. He cheats on her, breaks up with her, rekindles things with me,” Ashley shared with Reality Steve.
While Ashley had her reservations, Joey somehow sweet-talked his way into convincing her to give the relationship another go in the following months.
That was until February 23, when he suddenly sent her an email telling her that he thinks she needed to let him go. The email came about just three weeks before he left for filming.
“He says that he needs to work on himself. He sends me an email reiterating that he needs time to be alone and isn’t ready for a relationship.” 
While she would be shocked to discover a few weeks later that he was a contestant on “The Bachelorette,” what she found out after that was even more devastating.
“I also find out that he cheated on an ex GF with two other Asian girls. He is egotistic and a clear narcissist. It’s during this time I became aware of Melanie through online posts, we shared stories, realized our timelines overlapped, and began to piece together how Joey played both of us.”
Melanie has spilled the beans on Jones’ womanizing ways via Reddit, detailing how they met on a dating site in December 2018 and eventually dated. This is around the same time he was also dating Ashley. Without Ashley’s knowledge, Joey flew Melanie to Maryland and spent the weekend together from December 20 to 23.
“I was under the impression that we had the same values, opinions, and outlook on life,” Melanie recalled. “He was incredibly easy to communicate with and we were honest and open with each other, or so I thought. He displayed this amazing character that blew me away and part of me made me think he was too good to be true.”
Ashley would then share later that, “the day she had left, and he invited me to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas day with him and his family.”
“He f***ed me the morning I left, hit up his ex right after he dropped me off at the airport, got back with her that same day and then f***ed her literally the next day in the same bed I was in all weekend,” Melanie lamented. “The funny part was he was still texting me and sending me selfies up until Christmas Day.”
Both women decided to reach out to the show’s producers so they could potentially confront him. However, since the women did not want to be on television, Jones was simply removed from the show by episode three.
According to Ashley, the producer “wanted us to confront Joey in person when they got to Rhode Island and make a big storyline out of it. Melanie didn’t want to do it, and Joey was eliminated in episode 3 before it could happen. I’m sure us not agreeing to come on the show played a role in his exit.”
Featured image via (left) Reality Steve and (right) Instagram/thejoeyjones
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