Meet the 13-Year-Old Indonesian Jazz Pianist Who Just Got a Grammy Nomination

Last year, Joey Alexander, became the youngest ever nominee in the jazz category at the prestigious Grammy Awards. However, the young jazz pianist was not able to bag the trophy.  A year after and with a repeat nomination, will the 13-year-old take home the statue this time?

Alexander, and Indonesian jazz pianist, will be returning to the Grammy Awards next year on February after being nominated for the improvised jazz category, NBC News reported.

The talented youngster revealed on NBC News in 2014 that he is virtually self-taught. When acclaimed jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis watched a video of Alexander on YouTube, he was so impressed that he invited him to perform at the Jazz at the Lincoln Center gala two years ago.

The audience gave him a standing ovation after his performance at the gala, which eventually turned him into an overnight sensation. It seems like doors have opened for Alexander since then.  His exposure has earned him his biggest accomplishments so far – two consecutive Grammy nominations.

It was also Marsalis and other members of the jazz community who helped Alexander and his parents to get a U.S. visa and move to New York from Jakarta.

His 2015 debut album called “My Favorite Things” was able to secure a spot on the Billboard charts at 174. This also made Alexander the first Indonesian to ever appear on the highly-acclaimed international music chart.

On January this year, his “My Favorite Things” album re-entered the Billboard and peaked at the 59th spot. He also received his second standing ovation after his performance at the 2016 Grammys.

Apart from Alexander, there are other Asians who are nominated in the 2017 Grammy Awards. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma – who already has 16 Grammys – is nominated for two categories. Meanwhile, Brandon Paak Anderson – famously known as Anderson Paak – is nominated for three awards which include “Best New Artist.”

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