Joel Kim Booster jokes about his leaked nudes in new Netflix special: ‘What the f*ck do I care?’

Joel Kim Booster jokes about his leaked nudes in new Netflix special: ‘What the f*ck do I care?’Joel Kim Booster jokes about his leaked nudes in new Netflix special: ‘What the f*ck do I care?’
Bryan Ke
June 28, 2022
American comedian Joel Kim Booster recently joked about how he discovered his nude pictures were leaked online during his recent Netflix comedy special.
Speaking during his comedy special “Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual,” which was filmed at Catch One in Los Angeles, Booster said that he had taken “dozens,” if not “hundreds of nudes – probably,” and was surprised to find out that they were posted on a website last year.
I’m constantly taking pictures of my naked body and sending them out with reckless abandon,” Booster, 34, said. “[Because] I’ve been so irresponsible about it, last Christmas, on literal Christmas Eve, I found out that all my nudes leaked online.”
The “Fire Island” star said he was “upset,” “angry” and “felt violated” when he found out about the leaked nudes.
“…then I found out they were put on a website for male ‘celebrity’ nudes,” Booster continued, emphasizing the word “celebrity” in his joke, “and I was like, ‘They can stay.’ You know? Leave them up until New Year’s. Let the kids have some fun. It’s been a hard two years, you know?”
Booster mentioned that he had seen the positive reviews of his photos in comment sections, then quipped, “’What the f*ck do I care?’ You know, I don’t even send nudes anymore. I just send the link.”
The joke about Booster’s nude pictures has been floating around as far back as 2018. In a tweet posted on Nov. 19, 2018, the comedian wrote, “I mean I guess the worst thing that could happen if I got hacked is they could release the nudes I’ve already sent to approximately one thousand gay strangers across North America and abroad.”
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The following year, Booster tweeted: “I hope one of you leaks my f*cking nudes. Would save me heaps of time.”
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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to celebrate the premiere of his recent comedy special, Booster admitted that he has “gotten a lot of flack” for talking openly about sex and “hyper-sexualizing” himself and others.
As a queer Asian, Booster said he encounters various reactions from two communities: the gay community and the Asian community. Booster noted that he often receives messages from gay men telling him that he is “harming the community by creating the images of an oversexed gay guy.”
But then on the flip side, as an Asian man, a lot of people see that as very empowering because Asian men are so desexualized in the media that me talking about sex and the amount of sex that I’m having suddenly becomes this very empowering act,” he added.
Booster also explained that his Netflix comedy special, which is structured in three acts with the topic of sex serving as the third act, is “about exploring those weird intersections.”
…suddenly the things that I’m talking about — depending on which identity lens you’re looking at it from — become either empowering or detrimental to whatever community I’m representing, and the frustration of that,” Booster said.
“Because you can’t cordon off your identities. When I’m speaking, I can’t just speak as an Asian man only or as a gay man only. I am all those things, all at once, all the time,” he continued.
“Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual” was released on June 21 and is now available for streaming on Netflix.
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