Joe Budden accuses J. Cole of ‘pandering’ for collab song with BTS’ J-Hope

Joe Budden accuses J. Cole of ‘pandering’ for collab song with BTS’ J-HopeJoe Budden accuses J. Cole of ‘pandering’ for collab song with BTS’ J-Hope
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Daniel Anderson
March 15, 2023
Media personality and former rapper Joe Budden accused J. Cole of “pandering” for his musical collaboration with J-Hope of BTS in a recent episode of his podcast.
A clip of the commentary from “The Joe Budden Podcast” titled “Joe Budden FIRES at J. Cole For ‘PANDERING’ After BTS Collab” was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.
In the video, Budden first accuses Cole of fabricating the inspiration behind his latest single “Procrastination (Broke)”. In January, Cole had stated that he discovered the producer Bvtman after searching for “J. Cole type beat” on YouTube, which supposedly motivated him to write the song.
“He got a bag for that YouTube trick he pulled on y’all. I found out that the guy who just so happened to do the ‘J. Cole type beat’ – that was the first one to pop up – is like the most popular producer on YouTube.”

After the other co-hosts defend J. Cole, Budden then cites his collaboration with BTS’ J-Hope for their single “on the street” as another example of pandering. 
“I’d roll with that if four, five months later you didn’t pop up with the K-pop guy who’s supposed to be in the army. This is why people pander, by the way, because it works. Let’s land the K-pop star-J. Cole merger.”
As Budden and his co-hosts listen to part of the track, which the co-hosts appear to approve of, Budden is shown off-camera writing something on a whiteboard.
It is then shown to the camera that Budden had written the word “coons,” a slur typically used toward people of African descent that has its origins in racist caricatures of Black people. Budden jabs at his co-hosts and J. Cole by questioning their “Blackness” for enjoying the song.
He later adds that whether he likes the song or not, he wants to recognize it for what it is. A co-host then asks if there was something wrong with “pandering.” Budden responded: “Nothing, if that’s what you do.”
Towards the end of the clip, Budden and a few of his co-hosts also claim that J-Hope says the N-word in his collaboration with J. Cole, which confuses one co-host who says that no one but Black people should say the N-word. Budden also claims that BTS say the N-word in several of their songs, likely confusing the slur with the Korean word “naega,” which means “I” or “me” in English.
This is not the first time Budden has stirred controversy with his comments regarding BTS. Last year, Budden came under fire from BTS fans after he said he “hates” the K-pop group and misidentified them as Chinese.

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