There’s a Job That Pays $400,000 a Year in New Zealand That No One is Interested In

There’s a Job That Pays $400,000 a Year in New Zealand That No One is Interested In

February 25, 2016
A job opportunity that promises over $400,000 a year to the general practitioner that takes it has gone without a single application for over four months.
Dr. Alan Kenny has been looking for a younger general practitioner to share the growing workload of his bustling clinic for the past two years, reports the New Zealand Herald.
“I can offer them a really, really amazing income; it’s incredible,” Kenny told the Herald. “My practice has exploded in the last year and the more patients you list, the more money you get. But it just gets too much at the end of the day.”
In addition to the $400,000, which is double a general practitioner’s average income, the person that fills the position would also become a partner in the 61-year-old’s business since he will be giving them half of the clinic. They would also only be required to work four days a week and be given 12 weeks of vacation time each year.
That still hasn’t been able to entice a suitable candidate, however. Four medical recruitments have failed to find a person to fill the position over the past two years.
Kenny believes the main reason for the lack of applicants is because the job is perceived as dead-end since his clinic is located in rural Tokoroa instead of populous Auckland.
“Auckland has the biggest medical school and most kids who go to medical school come from wealthy families in the Auckland area,” Kenny told the Herald. “If they recruited more students from rural areas, they might actually come here.”
Only one of the six doctors at his practice are from New Zealand, including Kenny, who is originally from the UK.
“I love my work and I would like to stay but I hit my head against a brick wall trying to attract doctors,” Kenny told the Herald. “If it’s hard enough to get doctors to work alongside me, it’s going to be a devil of a job to get doctors to replace me.”
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