‘How can these women be so cheap?’ Singer JJ Lin Shares Horror Stories of Obsessive Fans

Singaporean singer, songwriter JJ Lin shared some of the horrible experiences he’s had with his female fans in the 16 years he’s spent in showbiz.

While speaking to Chinese-language weekly Next Magazine, he went on to describe the stories he had with some of his overzealous female admirers, including one where a female fan knocked on his door in the middle of the night, offering herself to him – presumably for sex, according to AsiaOne.

How can these women be so cheap?” the 37-year-old artist said as he expressed his frustration.

In another instance, a fan asked him to take a photo with her; but after he accepted her request, she immediately kissed him and took the picture. To his surprise, the woman later uploaded the photo on her social media platforms.

Lin recounted another incident where his female fans, who he had just met, started to become touchy-feely with him. The act, as said in the report, left him speechless.

Does doing these things mean they like me a lot? No, they just want to show off that they’re close to JJ Lin,” he said.

These experiences were rather tame compared to ones he’s had while performing on stage. This includes times when fans would send him letters written in blood, or worse, when fans would threaten to commit suicide.

Fans who don’t know how to love themselves are not my true fans,” he said. “I wish that my music can bring everyone positivity, and encourage everyone to do what they love, just like me. Such behaviors not only causes harm to oneself and one’s family, it also makes me sad and angry.”

According to the report, a female fan of JJ chose to end her life in 2016 after believing that her friend was in a relationship with the singer.

Images via Instagram / jjlin

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