Blackpink’s Jisoo to star in K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ coming soon to Disney Plus

Blackpink’s Jisoo to star in K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ coming soon to Disney Plus

October 19, 2021
Jisoo from Blackpink trended on Twitter after the teaser trailer of her first romance drama was recently released.
About the drama: On Oct. 14, JTBC Drama released a 29-second teaser of “Snowdrop,” a new K-drama starring Blackpink’s Jisoo and “Something in the Rain” star Jung Hae-in. 
  • “Snowdrop” is set in 1987 in South Korea. It was a pivotal year in the country’s history in which protestors faced an authoritarian government “to hold democratic elections and later enforce constitutional reforms during the June 29 Declaration.”
  • “Snowdrop” follows the complicated love story of Su-ho (Jung), a graduate student from a prestigious university, and Young-ro (Jisoo), a cheerful English literature student at Hosu Women’s University. Their story becomes entangled with the mass protests during the tumultuous time in the nation’s history after Su-ho gets involved in a violent street protest and Young-ro helps him hide from authorities. 
  • The drama, directed by Jo Hyun-tak and written by Yoo Hyun-mi, is set to air on Dec. 3 on Disney Plus.
  • In the teaser video, Jung can be seen stopping his bicycle under falling snow and later bumping into Jisoo inside what appears to be a shop.
  • “I’m sorry. It’s because of me,” Jung said in the clip’s voiceover. The teaser also ends with Jisoo’s voice-over saying, “I miss you. I wish I could see you just once.”
Online reactions: Fans were fast to react and express their excitement on Twitter after the teaser release. 
  • According to reports, there were nearly 500,000 tweets for #Jisoo on Thursday alone, which were mostly fans expressing excitement over the Blackpink singer’s first romance drama.
  • Many fans are also using the voiceover in “Snowdrop” and applying it to screen captures of other K-dramas or music videos to share on Twitter.
  • One viral tweet is @jjalt5’s post of Blackpink’s song “Lovesick Girls” with the “Snowdrop” voiceover:
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  • “Snowdrop just released a teaser and it’s already being viral like this, Snowdrop rapture is already starting. This is just the start, indeed the most awaited drama of this year!” another user wrote, including a photo gallery of other K-dramas with the “Snowdrop” voiceover.
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