Filipina vlogger Jinky Cubillan captures neighbor’s angry tirade about her loose dog

Filipina vlogger Jinky Cubillan captures neighbor’s angry tirade about her loose dog

September 16, 2021
A Filipina vlogger based in California captured footage of a confrontation she had with a neighbor who shouted profanities at her in front of her house last week. 
Karen goes viral: Jinky Cubillan, a popular social media personality known as “Madam Kilay,” shared a video of the verbal altercation on her Facebook account and YouTube channel. The videos have since racked up a total of over 6.5 million views at the time of this writing. 
  • In the clip, the neighbor can be seen yelling while pointing her index finger at Cubillan as they argued on Sept. 8.
  • The woman justifies cursing at Cubillan due to her “freedom of speech,” stating, “It’s called America, b*tch.”
  • Cubillan, who appears to stay calm throughout the video, asks the woman not to point at her. “Don’t point on (sic) me. You can talk to me, but don’t point at me. You can talk to me nicely, but you can’t point to me. Are you racist now?”
  • At one point in the video, the woman is seen closing her right first in an apparent attempt to hit the Filipina content creator.
  • The woman seems to become even more agitated when Cubillan asks her to stop harassing her. “Stop? You turn around and stop. Get the f*** back in your house.” 
How the argument started: In a separate video, Cubillan alleges that the woman called animal control after her pet dog got out of the house and roamed near her neighbor’s home. She noted that she was sleeping at the time. 
  • According to the social media influencer, animal control personnel knocked on her doorstep to inform her about the neighbor’s complaint. 
  • The neighbor reportedly claimed that the pet dog tried to attack her. 
  • During their argument, the woman cursed at Cubillan and her dog, later threatening to kill the pet the next time it got loose. 
  • Cubillan said that while she did not want to pick a fight with the older woman, she stood her ground as she was offended by the way the neighbor insulted her. 
  • The woman allegedly berated her for not being an American. ”I’m legal here and living here as a permanent resident,” she later explained. 
NextShark reached out to Cubillan for comment on the incident.
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