Japanese Model Claims Chinese Actor Ex-Boyfriend K‌ic‌ke‌d Her Stomach Until She Mi‌sca‌rri‌ed

jiang jinfu

Japanese model alleged on social media that the abuse she suffered from her former boyfriend Jiang Jinfu caused her mis‌carri‌ag‌e.

Known as Zhongpu Youhua in China, Haruka Nakaura had earlier exposed the d‌om‌estic viol‌en‌ce she received from the Chinese actor.

Last week, Nakaura posted images of her face, arms and body covered in bruises labeled with the caption “I am still alive” on Instagram.

In response, Jiang admitted to the allegations and issued an apology via social media platform Weibo the following day.

“I spent the past month in regret. My impulsive behavior has hurt you and your family, and I should not have h‌‌i‌‌t you no matter the reason,” the 27-year-old actor wrote.

On Wednesday, Nakaura wrote another Instagram post saying, “You k‌ick‌‌ed my stomach until I mis‌car‌ri‌ed your child.”

“If you were genuinely sorry, you should apologize to me in person, instead of posting on Weibo. I worked so hard to help your v‌iol‌e‌nt behavior.”

Nakaura also addressed accusations made by Jiang’s friends that she had been unfaithful to him while they were dating, according to the South China Morning Post.

“Over the past four months, I spent every day by your side and you were the one who had my mobile phone the whole time, how could I have had relationships with other men?” she wrote in an account that has since been deleted.

While Jiang has not responded to his former girlfriend’s latest accusations yet, his lawyer issued a statement, asking the public to stop speculating about the case. 

The statement noted that the domes‌tic vio‌le‌‌nc‌e case against Jiang is currently ongoing through the Japanese legal system. 

Featured Image via Weibo

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