Heartbreaking Photos Show Young Chinese Girl Begging on the Streets While Studying

A little girl studying on the side of a cold street in China has broken the hearts of pedestrians.
Six-year-old Ji Honghong, a first-grader at Nanzhuang Primary School in Linshu county, has been begging with her father on weekends.
She was spotted wrapping herself in a duvet while doing her homework on Sunday, People’s Daily said.
Ji survived the shivering cold with a man who claimed to be her father. Next to her were two bowls that collected alms from strangers.
She told a reporter from Yiming Evening News (via Daily Mail): “I have finished all the homework assigned by my teacher. My father wanted me to write five more pages of Chinese spelling. I know it well even if my teacher hasn’t taught it to us yet.”
Ji said she loved studying and that begging won’t stop her from doing so. Passersby were moved at her dedication and provided her some food, including burger and milk.
Later, a teacher from the primary school confirmed that Ji was her actually student, saying that she performed well.
Ji’s father is named Wang Jiuchang, according to a Nanzhuang official surnamed Wang. Jiuchang reportedly looks after his wife, two children and 80-year-old mother.
The official said Ji’s family was given access to social benefits, but they seemed to prefer begging — a way of earning they did for years.
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