Jewelry Store Under Fire After Making Worker Sell Diamonds Topless

A jewelry store in China is getting flak for letting one of its attendants go naked in the name of sales.

The clip uploaded to shows a half-naked saleslady standing before the store’s goods. She was wearing a pair of diamond-shaped nipple pasties and what looked like an improvised skirt.

The scene got even more awkward when the lady realized she was being filmed.

Netizens were outraged at the company, Chow Luk Fook, for having the employee pull such a stunt. Meanwhile, others joked asking whether all store branches offered such a sight.

Commenters at Facebook expressed:


“The shop owner should be ashamed.”

“So pathetic. Its [shop] sales are so poor that it can’t even afford buying uniforms for staff.”

Yet this was not the first time Chow Luk Fook has allowed this kind of  promotion, Apple Daily said. One Shenzhen store that opened in November 2013 had half-naked models whose bodies were painted.

The company operates in Hong Kong and mainland China.

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